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We are a small group of Bible Believing Christians who are on a mission to carry out the 'Great Comission' of the Lord Jesus Christ, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature" (Mark 16v15).  We know that the real need in any community is not another business-like organization of Christians offerring another modernized style of worship, but the old message of God's love to the sinner, and it's soul saving power to all who believe.



Our mission also includes the preparation and distribution of mass quantities of Christian literature including tracts/leaflets, booklets, scripture portions, and Bibles.

Topics covered in the meetings include: step by step evangelism, Biblical examples, history, scripture memorization, use of personal testimony, singing of gospel songs and hymns, use of musical instruments, use of visual aid, etc., and also how to deal with foreign languages, religious cults/false teachings, philosophies, creation versus evolution.

Scotland has an amazing history of open air preaching, and we want to keep the old practice alive. George Whitefield, the famous open air preacher, preached here in Dunfermline the first time that he preached on Scottish soil. There are nine cities within one hour's drive from Dunfermline with busy, pedestrian streets. There are at least that many large universities as well. We take advantage of the opportunity to spread the Gospel in these areas through open air preaching, personal evangelism, and tract distribution. Edinburgh is also nearby, where people from many different nations come to visit during the summer tourism months. This is another great opportunity to carry out our mission, the Great Commission.


Are you saved?  If not, why not?